There is one race left – the Brighton City Race (http://www.brightoncityrace.org.uk/).

The standings after the recent races in Colchester and Farnborough: http://www.oxfordfusion.com/ukul/index.cfm?&Org=5

The list of confirmed as winners is:
WYJ: Aimée Darley (GO)
MJ: Alexander Buck (SARUM)
WJ: Rachel Potter (BOK)
MO: Mark Burley (BOK)
WO: Sally Calland (WIM)
WV: Sarah Louise Francis (SN)
WSV: Carol Edwards (TVOC)
MUV: Mick Smith (HH)
WUV: Mary Nixon (SOC)

The following classes will be decided in Brighton:
MV: David Hunt (BOK), David Frampton (HH), and Richard Barrett (BAOC)
MSV: Peter Jones (SN) and Gavin Clegg (WSX)

(The SEOUL 2015 races will be announced later this week.)