The proposed races for 2015:
1. Saturday 7th March: Oxford (OUOC)
2. Sunday 3rd May: Gloucester (NGOC)
3. Saturday 16th May: Chichester (SO)
4. Saturday 30th May: Great Hollands, Bracknell (BKO)
5. Saturday 6th June: Poole (WSX)
6. Sunday 7th June: Sherborne (WIM)
7. Sunday 21st June: Loughton (CHIG)
8. Sunday 28th June: Milton Keynes (SMOC)
9. Saturday 11th July: Marlborough (NWO)
10. Sunday 30th August: Leatherhead (MV)
11. Monday 31st August: Rutherford Labs, Didcot (TVOC)
12. Sunday 27th Septmeber: Canterbury (SAX)
13. Saturday 10th October: St Ives, Cornwall (KERNO)
14. Saturday 24th October: Cambridge (CUOC)
15. Sunday 25th October: St Albans (HH)
16. Saturday 31st October: Hatch Warren and Beggarwood, Basingstoke (BADO)
17. Saturday 19th December: Brighton (SO)
The scoring will be the best 7 to count.