With one race to go, the Brighton City Race. (And assuming that my calculations are correct!)

MYJ: Joel Taylor (TVOC)
WYJ: Ella May Rush (BOK)
WJ: Sarah Darley (GO)
MO: Richard Purkis (NGOC)
WO: Tereza Maria Rush (BOK)
WV: Karen French (WIM)
MSV: Keith Tonkin (GO)
MUV: David Jukes (BKO)
WUV: Sue Hands (WIM)
MHV: Peter Bennett (BKO)
WHV: Ruth Rhodes (SO)

To be decided at Brighton
MJ: Alex Fielding (HH) leads. Can be overtaken by Maxime Pesenti (DFOK), Jim Bailey (BOK), and James Lowthian (NOC). If Alex is 6th or better then he wins.

MV: Paul Luttman (SO) and Paul Taylor (TVOC) currently tied (on score and tie break). PL improves if 6th or better; PT improves if 5th or better. Then it is a case of the one that does better wins.

WSV: Christine Kiddier (GO) leads, but Janet Rosen (HH) will overtake if she wins at Brighton.