Provisional results from Taunton are now available. Thank you to Alasdair Shaw (QO) for planning!

Unfortunately, the majority of finishers either failed to enter SEGOL or have some other data problem. If you do not appear in the league tables, please make sure you have entered – we will regenerate the results in a few days to give you a second chance. If you had already entered but don’t appear, please contact us at seoul.orienteering@gmail.com for assistance.

After two races, our class leaders are: Joseph Morris (MYJ), Freyja Shaw (WYJ), Samuel Taunton (MO), Keith Bennett (MV), Elizabeth Treherne (WV), Roger Thetford (MSV), Helen Kelsey (WSV), Brian and Sue Curtis (MUV) and Ros Taunton (WUV).

However, all can still change. Gloucester and Basingstoke both close at the end of tomorrow, and you have until New Year’s Eve at Brighton. Run safely and enjoy!

Please, please, please don’t forget to enter SEGOL, and make sure that your name and club exactly match your settings in MapRun and UsynligO.