Thank you to Neil Crickmore (SO) for planning the SEGOL at Brighton, and well done to our 2020 class winners:
  • Joseph Morris (MYJ)
  • Freyja Shaw (WYJ)
  • Harry Bratcher-Howard (MJ)
  • Thomas Cochrane (MO)
  • Kevin Brooker, Keith Bennett and Paul Gebbett (tied, MV)
  • Elizabeth Treherne (WV)
  • Roger Thetford (MSV)
  • Helen Kelsey (WSV)
  • Paul Taunton (MUV)
  • Ros Taunton (WUV)
  • Ruth Rhodes (WHV)
We’ll be back with more about how the 2021 SEOUL and SEGOL seasons are looking in a couple of weeks.